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Metal craftsman with over 25 years experience renewing stainless surfaces


Our specialty is restoring light to deep scratches, stains and discolourations on your stainless kitchen counter-tops and sinks. 

“Living with scratches on your stainless steel surfaces is now a thing of the past”

Attention to the details


Our highly refined technique to polish out scratches and restore surfaces is unmatched in the industry and a fraction of the cost of replacing your sink or countertop. 

Our results speak for the themself


With hundreds of satisfied clients our results speak for themselve. From simple scuffs to deeper scratches, a gouge to acid damage, our expert Rocco will do his best to fix it. 

Our Services


Residential homes

Save time, hassle, hundreds of dollars and the impact on the environment by repairing your sink instead of replacing it.


Selling your home?! Let us help make your Kitchen and/or Laundry Room become the focal point of your home.

Rental Suites

High end rental units require attention to detail to command top dollar and taking your property off the market for a sink replacement could cost you thousands of dollars.  Don't replace it, renew it same with our next day service.

Commercial/Residential Fabrication


Commercial and Residential needs such as fabrication is not beyond our realm. We can proudly display our prior work as a testament to the capabilities we are able to offer. If it’s unique, talk to me about it!

Custom work

Our clients take pride in their hand crafted stainless steel creations and when a scratch or a scuff appears, it must be dealt with promptly and to the standards.

All custom work is done on a time and material bases with no obligation estimates. 

Fixed Pricing

All our work is fixed pricing and based on the time and techniques uses to remove the damage.  Fixed pricing sets your expectation up front and covers our cost for the time and expertise.

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Our Services


Stainless Steel surface restoration (on any genuine, un-coated stainless steel surface)

  • Do you have:
  • Scuffs
  • Fine/Light/Deep scratches
  • Gouges Chemical Discoloration/Stains
  • Rust/Corrosion
  • Heat Scorching
  • Acid/Bleach damage
  • Marks  

 We can restore any genuine stainless steel surface 



Wow, I was just going to write & tell you how much Morah & I appreciate the beautiful finish you did on our sink. It truly looks fantastic & I would say that anyone who saw it now would think that we had just installed a brand new one.  Your work is amazing to say the least & I don’t believe we’ve ever had a tradesman in who has taken so much pride & personal care in his work. Thank you once again Rocco. It was a pleasure meeting you & learning from your experience with metal work. I have posted your notices & put your name & business on our approved building trades list.


Morah & Dave 


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More than 2 sinks at the same location a Discount will be applied 

 “Repair it, don’t replace it!”
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